The Company


On October 2016, the Company acquired MSK Kinesis Technology and started to manufacture healthcare equipment for pain management.

MSK Kinesis Devices offer cutting edge technology for medical and wellness treatments that have been proven effective in France and Italy for over 14 years. MSK, under the direction of its founder MD in Italy,  has developed the technology and methods to improve a wide array of patients physical medical needs.


The Company acquired 50% of 9385-6516 Quebec Inc, MSK KINESIS MEDICAL’s specialist consulting, installation, maintenance and aftersales service for electro medical and wellness equipment for public and private healthcare facilities, medical practices and industry professionals.

The company provides a complete service for the management of medical equipment and organizes training courses to help doctors and nurses to use MSK KINESIS MEDICAL equipment.

MSK KINESIS FOUNDATION is a U.S.A. non profit organization, member of ESANGO United Nations New York as a non Governmental non profit Organization. HMNU is supporting and managing MSK KINESIS FOUNDATION since 2017.

MSK KINESIS FOUNDATION’S mission is to improve the quality of life for children and woman in needs regardless of geographical, political and religious boundaries. MSK is transparent with its donors and is proud to reporter during past two years over 97% of the money raised has gone directly to our projects, with administrations costs running at under 3% This is made possible with the generous support of our sponsors and volunteers from Europe, USA and Canada. Volunteer medical and paramedical MSK KINESIS FOUNDATION flew 3 times in 2018 and 2019 to Congo and Liberia to brings medical care to the rural poor and isolated villages. For up to two weeks at each location MSK open her doors and provides healthcare to people in need.

Since 2017 more than 1400 patients have benefited of the MSK treatments. MSK KINESIS FOUNDATION is also supporting the defense of abused woman and participating with the United Nations to the development and support of this important program.


The Company


MSK is cooperating with Swiss Stem Cells Biotech (SSCB), the first Swiss organization to offer a private service for the preservation of stem cells from the umbilical cord.

SSCB was born in 2005 as a spin-off from the Cardiocentro Ticino, Lugano, Switzerland, operate in the field of cells therapies and is specialized in the collection, purification, characterization, processing and preservation of stem cells for therapeutic and aesthetic uses including fine-tuning of new experimental protocols.

MSK and SSCB are committed to carrying out our business ensuring the highest levels of scientific accuracy, ethics and professional integrity. With these values and by working responsibly and sustainably, we support medicine to fine-tune, through the products and services we offer, effective and personalized therapeutic innovations. We strive today to improve people’s health tomorrow


The Company (Green Energy)



In 2020 the Company delivered the first 10 tons plant for recycling of used tires or plastic to the consociate Sedda Green Energy, Porto Torres, Italy. HMNU owns 50% of Sedda Green Energy Srl.


The Company (Green Energy)


On March 2017 HMNU acquired 100% of INDUSTRY ENERGY SELCO (SELCO) including but not limited to its assets and patents of a 274MW system. The investment consists of land with 73 wind towers under construction. transaction value: $ 5.2 million


OTC Market Investment

Human Unitec International Inc. . is a 2002 Nevada Corporation listed on the OTC Market with the symbol HMNU.

Human Unitec International obtained DTCC and FAST eligibility, and is applyng to OTCIQ market as fully reporting company.

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